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Danish Board of Technology confirmed as partners

We are thrilled to have the Danish Board of Technology come on board as a partner of the Global Citizens’ Assembly on Genome Editing.

The Danish Board of Technology’s mission is to ensure that society’s development is shaped by informed and forward-looking cooperation between citizens, experts, stakeholders, and decision-makers.

‘Having followed the GCA for some time we are happy to formally join as a project partner.

It is uplifting to see the implementation of a new global citizen participation method

to help shape the future of genome editing and we will continue

supporting this initiative in any way we can.’

Bjørn Bedsted, Deputy Director

Danish Board of Technology

With over 30 years of experience in developing and implementing methods of public engagement in research and innovation the Danish Board of Technology is a great addition to our growing network of partners for this large scale project.

‘The Danish Board of Technology were one of the first organizations to emerge in the field of deliberative engagement, and then to implement global level processes. Along with our main operational and other partners we have a team that represents the major international actors that will together help to implement the first global process of this type. Adding the online dimension to the in person deliberative process will be important for giving the project breadth, involving a larger community, as well as a forum for

deep deliberation on such an important issue.’

Simon Niemeyer, project leader

Global Citizens’ Assembly

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