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The design of the Global Citizens Assembly?

The diagram below outlines the overall design of the Global Citizens’ Assembly and associated activities. In short, GenePool will produce a special edit of their science documentary that will feed into both the national and global deliberative events as part of the process of informing participants. Expertise will engaged to provide additional evidence relevant to the local case, drawn in part from a proposed interdisciplinary global consortium of researchers (Global Observatory for gene editing), which will participate in providing information to the Global Citizens’ Assembly.


GenePool will film some of the national deliberative cases, as well as the Global Citizens’ Assembly. The resulting “deliberative documentary” will be screened in multiple countries, and the impact of viewing tested to evaluate how well the experience simulates the deliberative effects of actual participation.


The report from the Global Citizens’ Assembly will be provided to national level bodies (along with the relevant national report), and global organisations including the UN and WHO. A synthesis report will also be produced in conjunction with members of the Global Observatory, distilling the main implications of the findings for managing the ethical dimensions and governance of genomic technology development, testing and implementation at a global scale.


The Global Citizens’ Assembly will be featured in a three-part science documentary series produced by Genepool Productions.

We’re looking for regional partners, volunteers, and philanthropic organisations to support this ground-breaking project.

The Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance at the University of Canberra is the lead organizer of the Global Citizens’ Assembly.

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